String Trio (2020)

1 piece with a total duration of ca. 12 Minutes

Dedicated to Amorsima Trio (Mia Detwiler, Michael Capone, Kourtney Newton)

NOTES — Op. 9 contends with processes whose underlying symmetries translate to distinctive musical and temporal gestures. The pervasive polyrhythmic hocketing and various “loop” repetitions and returns demarcate two of the most common groups of gestures. At the same time, there exists a related surface interaction among recognizable musical shapes, repeated melodic fragments, ostinati, preponderance of quarter-tone intervals, adaptation of local soundscape ecologies, momentary allusions, as well as citations from other works and periods. Ultimately, their interaction highlights a desire for asymmetric and playful musical variations.


Amorsima Trio performing Op.9 @

Comstock Hall, New Music Festival, Louisville USA Nov 10, 2022

Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater, Denton USA Oct 29, 2022
[YouTube, Live]

Mise-En Place, New York USA — Mar 6, 2022
[YouTube, Live]

Stark Hall, Denison USA — Feb 26, 2022