Electronic Music (2014; 18)

1 piece with a duration of ca. 15 Minutes

for Stereo Playback

INSTRUMENTS USED — Piccolo, Flute, Bass Clarinet Bb, Bassoon, French Horn F, Electric Piano, Glass Harmonica, Synths (CS-80, DX7, Geosonics), Sampler (Field Recordings, Voices, Custom Patches), Violin, & Effects (Delays, Filters, Saturators)

NOTES — Writing, according to Italo Calvino, presented him with two branches, “two different drives toward exactitude that will never attain complete fulfillment: 1) The reduction of events to abstract patterns and forms, bodiless rationality, where one may trace lines that converge, projections, abstract forms, vectors of force; 2) The tangible aspect of things presented as precisely as possible; a space crammed with objects and attempts to create a verbal [but also aural] equivalent of that space.”

Opus 8 similarly concerns with the opening and closing of these two different types of oneiric doors. Its material dates from 2014, and was initially intended as a monstrously long opening to what eventually became opus 4—piano.