Solo Piano (2009-10)

3 Pieces, with a total duration of ca. 5 Minutes

Dedicated to Redi Llupa

NOTES — Op. 1 for solo piano was composed in a period of vociferous musical study and apprenticeship. Berio’s Brin, Messiaen’s Catalogue d’Oiseaux, Schoenberg’s Op.11 and Op.19, as well as Takemitsu’s Uninterrupted Rests served as compositional directions, thus vaguely inhabiting the surface of the music. Post factum, a similarity with Takemitsu’s three pieces can be discerned: The limited technical palette at my disposal and the impossibility of an effortlessly exteriorized inner expression resulted in music of a melancholic autobiographical dimension.

The three pieces exhibit forms not unlike that of older Asian poetry; Each piece is comprised of three long phrases: The first two phrases share similar qualities / the second abruptly ends in a formal “cut” / the third functions independently and concludes the piece.


Redi Llupa performing @

Voertman Hall, Denton USA — Mar 4, 2019

MEIT, Denton USA — Mar 12, 2017
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Clarke Recital Hall, Miami USA — Feb 4, 2014

Pianodrom International Festival, Tirana ALBANIA — Jan 4, 2014
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Recital Hall, Bloomington USA — Nov 2, 2013

Comstock Hall, Louisville USA — WP — Oct 16, 2013

Stephen Lucas performing @

Recital Hall, Denton USA — Mar 4, 2015