Sopranino Saxophone (2018)

1 Piece with a duration of ca. 11 Minutes

Dedicated to Alexander Richards

NOTES — Opus 7a—piccolo, & 7b—sopranino, are different works. They share the same sound-world, but each develops according to its own trajectory.

With Opus 7 I was mainly concerned in the details of melodic writing. Similar to my previous works, I started by fragmenting musical time in several distinct behaviors. My interest resided in the flexibility of coalescing these various temporal strands into a synergetic whole.


Alexander Richards performing @

AI studio, Dallas USA — Jan 25, 2019
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Voertman Hall, Denton USA — Oct 23, 2019

Bird Hall, Louisville USA — Mar 12, 2019

CMCLR studio, Denton USA — Aug 18, 2018

Darmstädter Ferienkurse, Darmstädt Germany — Jul 20, 2018
[YouTube Live]

North American Saxophone Alliance, Cincinnati USA — WP — Mar 10, 2018